Slay Your Inner Demon

In 6 weeks or less so you can finally be the woman you know you can be!

Win The War Within
So You Can Find
Your Way Back
Home To You

 It's time for your authentic self to shine, so you can start doing what you know you should be doing in your heart. So you can be the woman you want to be. 

Yes! I Want To Slay My Inner Demon!

Rock The Boat

Learn how to stop compromising and pretending you're someone you're not to simply get along. 

Feel Secure

Let go of self-consciousness and inhibition so you can be open and honest about who you truly are. 

Honour Your Voice

Stop being afraid that if you voice your beliefs or opinions you will lose your family or friends.

The Freedom To Be Your True Self

There's a battle inside each of us between being who we truly are and who everyone

 expects us to be. 

The pressure to be someone you're not is about as pleasurable as swimming across the Atlantic with a backpack full of bricks. It's exhausting and unfulfilling. And it feels like you're drowning.

The exact opposite of what life is supposed to be.

Slay Your Inner Demons Mastery is your opportunity to unload those bricks and be freed from the mental mind chatter. So you can get back to living a life you love.

It's time for your authentic self to shine, so you can start doing what you know you should be doing in your heart. Doing what is right for you .

It's time to find yourself at your core and stop putting other people's opinions, beliefs, and views higher than your own.

Find Your Way Back Home To Your True Self

Do you remember the last time you believed in and trusted yourself? 
And when was the last time you had a cheek-cramp throat snorting belly laugh? 
If you're like most people, the answer is 'I don't know.'

But it doesn't have to be that way. 
No matter how long you feel you've been suffering in silence, you can turn it all around, You can finally be free from fear...and back in control of your mind and life in 6 weeks or less. 

That sure beats sitting in a therapy office each week for five years doesn't it? 

Look, I know it might seem like you're the only one who feels this way. The truth is, you're not alone.

Did you know the number one hurdle people face is trying to conquer their inner demons? And this is intensified by the number one fear which is what other people think.

The difference between you and most people is they're trying to escape the discomfort of facing their inner demons by controlling others. Conquer your inner demon so you can feel comfortable in your own skin.

And the first step to doing that is learning the secret no one is talking about...

...the one key principal that will change your entire life

Slay Your Inner Demon unlocks must have skills to create unwavering confidence and courage to honor your authentic self.

What other people do is never about you. Internalize that People don't do things TO you, they do things FOR themselves. 

 Tap into your true spirit and let it express naturally

 Gain power over your thoughts and crush the cycle of negativity

 Discover how to trust your inner knowingness and stay true to yourself and your beliefs

 Break free from the lies you've believed and the limits you've placed on yourself

 Boldly face any person, situation or crisis calmly without stress or anxiety

 Turn obstacles into expansion by learning to shift your perception

 Discover how to trust your inner knowingness and stay true to yourself and your beliefs

 Make decisions for your own life (rather than having them made or having to make the in alignment with something else)

  Liberate yourself through laughter and lightening up and watch as joy and abundance flow into your life

The Path Back Home To You

Session 1: Ultimate Self (Emotional) Control

Session 2: The Power of Curiosity & Asking The Right Questions

Session 3: Reveal & Rewire Your Limiting Patterns

Session 4: Surrender The Stories You Tell Yourself

Session 5: Stop Overthinking & Trust Yourself

Session 6: Honesty And Honoring The Real You

          What's Included

Experience a 6-week self-guided transformational course designed for people who want the confidence to trust their heart, the courage to stay in integrity with it, and the peace of mind to stop caring what other people think about it.

Uncover and rewrite your unconscious patterns of thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors so you can regain control of your mind and your life.

This journey will equip you with rock-solid inner strength and a bulletproof mindset. Your safeguard for when you give the metaphoric middle finger to people for thinking their opinion on your life actually matters.

Six transformational learning sessions. You'll get a choice of audio, video and text.

Three key foundational power sessions where you will learn exactly how and why you got here so you can unlock your path forward.

Access to a private community.

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    All you need to gain back control of your mind and life. 

    $415/2 months 

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  • SYID One-Pay

    All you need to gain back control of your mind and life. 


    Access to Community

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If Your Soul Is Tired And Your Heart Is Afraid...There is Hope

It’s easy to feel hopeless in a world that has made blaming, shaming and bullying fashionable.

Those who stay there waiting around for someone to swoop in and save them will either end up being like the people they loathe, or they become apathetic.

In either case, they may as well start drafting a dearly departed speech and have a ceremony for their dead dreams.

But for those who demand more of themselves, and know deep down that they are here for a bigger purpose, and are ready to heal their heart and awaken their soul…

    This is Your Opportunity Right Now!! 

    If you don’t Slay Your Inner Demons, you will continue to lay fetal at night praying to the Universe and all that is, to stop the cycle of thoughts going around in your head so you can get just one good night of sleep.

    If you don’t Slay Your Inner Demons the embarrassment you’ve been dodging will be the ticket price for a grand show you never got to see.

    If you don’t Slay Your Inner Demons, the hopes and dreams that you’ve been visualizing since you were 15 will be erased faster than hitting the delete button on your Pinterest board.

    If you don’t Slay Your Inner Demons, the affirmations you’ve been rehearsing to boost your self-belief are hijacked by ‘sky is falling’ fantasies sounding eerily like your mother.

    As A Member of SYID You Also Get ($1840 Value)

    SYID Is For You If...

    Deep down inside you know there's more to life than what you're living

    The last few years has you questioning your sanity and doubting yourself (even though you knew you were right)

    You want to fully and authentically express yourself (online and off) with confidence and certainty

    You want to stop caring what other people think, and do what you want, when you want, with who you want

    You're committed to putting in the work to get the life you want

    You believe things happen for a reason but sometimes you lose faith

    You realize the DIY version of change (books, You Tube videos, podcasts and Ted Talks) is a long and expensive route because they might tell you what to do but not how to do it

     You feel like you've tried everything and you still wonder what's wrong with you 

    You want to be resourceful and resilient

    I'm so confident that my training will work for you, that I'm offering a money back guarantee to anyone within 30 days of purchase. I guarantee that if you trust the process for 30 days, do the exercises and show up for yourself, you will feel more in control with your inner freedom and peace, you'll be excited to be your real self with confidence and courage, or have a perception shift and see the world and yourself with more love and compassion. 

    If you are Canadian and would like to pay via e-transfer, please email me at with 'Course e-transfer' in the subject line. 

    About SuzieQ

    SuzieQ is a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner & Dream Coach ® 
    She helps people go from feeling unfulfilled, confused and afraid to being fulfilled and having clarity and inner freedom. 

    For most of her life, SuzieQ had this unsettling feeling the rug was going to be pulled our from underneath her. Even though she looked like she had it all together, inside she was full of dread, fear and uncertainty. She muddled through her days pretending she was happy - always trying to escape slipping into the familiar dark hole of feeling out of control. 

    Hypnotherapy found her, she experienced life-altering healing from her childhood trauma. To give you some depth of her fear and pain, SuzieQ was adopted as an infant, and at 15 they gave her back! And if that wasn't bad enough, when her brother was killed in a car crash, she was told "It's too damn bad the best one in the family had to die."
    I'm sure you can appreciate that she has an idea of what rejection, not being good enough and wondering what's wrong with her feels like. 

    And that's why she created this course. 

    So you don't have to suffer like she did...
    ...And so you can be excited for your new future.

    Yes! I want to Slay My Inner Demon!